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Webinar highlights significance of electric code regulations

Delves into how electrical maintenance programs improve worker safety and reduce downtime.

Electric Wiring

On Thursday, April 11, Karl von Knobelsdorff, CEO, Knobelsdorff, will deliver a webinar to enhance understanding of NFPA 70B and 70E requirements and delve into critical aspects of downtime avoidance and uptime maximization through real-world case studies, highlighting simple electrical maintenance strategies that could have prevented costly fixes. The webinar, sponsored by Knoblesdorff, will review the general requirements for creating an Electrical Maintenance Program (EMP) and key roles and their responsibilities under the mandated Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance.   

The webinar will provide insights into the significance of proactive testing and preventative maintenance, the development and execution of an EMP and the potential cost savings of implementation for grain handling and feed manufacturing facilities. 

Significance of NFPA 70B 

NFPA is a 125-year-old fire safety organization that today encompasses more than 300 codes and standards that emphasize a comprehensive approach to fire prevention, including preventive maintenance of electrical equipment. 

On January 16, 2023, the 2023 edition of NFPA 70B was approved as an American National Standard by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Notably, this edition mandates The Standard for Electrical Equipment Maintenance, detailing preventive maintenance requirements for electrical systems to enhance workplace safety and protect people from electrical hazards. 

NFPA 70B requires detailed inspections and testing of electrical systems to identify and mitigate potential hazards before they lead to failure, reducing the likelihood of unexpected failures and improving facility uptime. This proactive approach enables organizations to work toward electrical safety regulations compliance and enhance system reliability.

NFPA 70B emphasizes the need for a documented maintenance program, which includes a schedule of routine maintenance activities, procedures for corrective maintenance and record-keeping of all personnel training and maintenance activities. Prioritizing worker safety, the standard instructs companies to rely on qualified personnel for maintenance tasks, ensuring those handling electrical systems are trained on safety standards and best practices.

Knobelsdorff operates four divisions, including electric, offering industrial services from medium-voltage to 69,000-volt substation design to low-voltage communication wiring. The company serves the grain, feed, flour & fertilizer, renewable energy and other industrial processing and manufacturing industries. 

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