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Historic grain elevator engulfed in flames

A devastating fire destroys an iconic grain elevator in Tappen, North Dakota, as the community rallies to salvage remaining grain and cope with the loss.

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Bella Kraft reported on a grain bin fire for KFYR A fire that broke out on Sunday morning around 9 a.m. continues to ravage a historic grain elevator in Tappen, leaving the community in mourning over the loss of a significant landmark. The cause of the fire remains unknown, but its impact is deeply felt throughout the town.

Despite the efforts of seven area fire crews, the blaze proved overwhelming and is still burning as of this reporting. The elevator's owners worked tirelessly to save grain from a nearby bin, as the flax stored within the elevator was completely destroyed. An estimated 20,000 bushels of corn, representing a significant financial investment, were at risk.

Fortunately, the wind conditions spared nearby houses from damage. The community rallied in support, with residents bringing food and water for those working at the site.

As the town grapples with this loss, there are plans to extinguish the remaining fire with foam. The elevator, privately owned, was the focus of the owners' efforts to salvage the remaining corn. The loss of the elevator is more than just a physical one for Tappen; it represents the loss of a piece of the town's history and identity. The community now faces the challenge of rebuilding and moving forward from this significant tragedy.

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