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Recent Floods Can Increase Grain Bin Hazards

Proper PPE is first step in reclamation activities

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Once damaged by floodwaters, safety risks around grain and storage bins are high, reports the Nebraska City News-Press.

In every reclamation situation, personal safety must be of the utmost concern. Assembling appropriate and effective personal protective equipment (PPE) should be the first step in all grain bin reclamation activities.

β€œUse of respirators (dust masks) and goggles or some form of eye protection is critical,” Aaron Yoder, Ph.D., associate professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, told the News-Press. β€œAn N95 mask or one that provides even greater protection is crucial for protecting you from mold and other bacteria that may be growing in wet grain or inside a compromised bin.”

For more safety tips, visit the Nebraska City News-Press.

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