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Wykoff, MN, City Council Hears Grain Elevator Dust Complaints

Neighbors say they have been negatively impacted by dust from nearby CHS grain facility

The Wykoff, MN, City Council this week heard complaints regarding the CHS grain elevator.

Tim and Theresa Zwart explained their home, lawn and driveway have frequently been negatively impacted by dust from the nearby elevator, and that it should be addressed under the city’s “nuisance” ordinance.

A letter from the Zwarts to the city stated, in part, “The continuous discharge of fine white dust and bees wings makes it impossible for us to enjoy our property… Walking across our lawn stirs dust up like driving down a gravel road. We also are having health concerns due to dust and mold created by this waste.”

Three representatives of CHS said, although they understand the situation can be unpleasant at times, dust is a frequent problem anywhere in rural communities, whether from gravel roads, farm fields, or grain elevators. They said CHS has implemented mitigation methods, but some dust will continue to be discharged.

Read the full report here.

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