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Virginia Man Engulfed in Soybeans

Was wearing a safety harness and tethered to the bin

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Dustin Lee Arthur, 30, was fatally engulfed by the pulses while trying to clear a blockage at a farm in Amelia County, VA, Tuesday evening, according to a report at MertroUK.

"Dustin became entrapped, by the grain, while he was working inside the bin," says Kent Emerson, local emergency services director. "He had gone inside the bin to get the soybeans to flow properly when the accident happened."

Arthur's co-workers realized something had gone wrong after losing contact with him. They called 911, with two different fire squads showing up in a bid to rescue Arthur. By the time they pulled him out, he had already died.

The accident happened even though Arthur was wearing a safety harness and tethered to the bin at the time. Arthur’s Facebook page described him as a seed plant manager at Featherstone Farm Seed in Amelia Court House, VA. According to a 2012 New York Times article, 80 farm workers were killed in grain silo accidents in the previous five years.

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