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Grain Bin Entrapment Fatality Rate Too High

Researchers conduct experiments to see impact of grain types, forces and pressure on body

Photo | Pixabay
Photo | Pixabay

The majority of grain bin entrapments occur in the Midwest, reports AgriNews.

“There have been over 1,100 grain entrapments since the 1960s,” said Salah Issa, assistant professor of agricultural and industrial safety and health at the University of Illinois.

“Surprisingly, 28% involved youth under 21 and 20% adults over 60,” said Issa during a presentation at CropFlix, the 2021 Crop Management Conference.

Researchers conducted several experiments to get a better idea of the impact of grain bin entrapments and extrications. The first experiment evaluated different grain types, the second experiment analyzed the forces that could injure a person’s spine and the third experiment evaluated the pressure of grain on a person’s body.

Read the full report at AgriNews.

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