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Sep 30, 2021

GEAPS Offers Harvest Safety Webinar

Learn how fatigue impacts worker safety and health

source: GEAPS

Studies have indicated that even moderate sleep deprivation can cause impairment equivalent to drinking a couple of beers.

Are you doing everything you can to keep your team rested?

Join GEAPS for a free webinar on Wednesday, October 13, at 10 a.m. CST for Fall Harvest Safety … Sleep is for the Weak and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves.

Feeling tired is a common challenge, especially during busy times like harvest. Unusual schedules, stress and working in hot environments only make things worse.

We might tell ourselves that we will be okay or that we will catch up later, but what impact does fatigue have on worker safety and health?

Long work hours can increase our stress levels, contribute to weight gain and cause more frequent illness and on-the-job accidents that may even result in a fatality.

The webinar will also cover:

  • Factors that lead to fatigue
  • Hazards associated with fatigue
  • How to manage fatigue more effectively in the workplace

About the speakers:
Dr. Carol Jones, PE, joined the Biosystems and Ag Engineering Department Faculty at Oklahoma State University in 2002 after a long career in production agriculture and materials handling design. She recently retired from her fulltime professorship to work as an instructor with OSU’s Fire Service Training Grain Entrapment Rescue program.

Dr. Kevin Moore, CSP is an assistant professor of Occupational and Environmental Health Science at the University of Texas at Tyler. He received his Ph.D. in Biosystems Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Moore is engaged in protecting worker health and safety, especially in the agriculture and construction industries. He is interested in the evaluation and assessment of workplace hazards, worker attitudes and behaviors concerning safety, respiratory protection, and grain handling safety.

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