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Cimsafe - Safeguard Your Productivity

New infrared spark detection system

In the grain processing industry, and especially in grain drying, the risk of sparks has always been present, with various solutions to minimize the risk of devastating damage to equipment needing to be implemented. For the past 30 years, the solution Cimbria has used in our grain dryers is the well-known CW-4 overheating alarm – a system that registers temperature increases via heat sensitive cables, sends an alarm to the operator and shuts down the dryer, thereby preventing a fire from developing.

As the market has developed with fewer but larger process plants where efficiency and reliable operation is key to maintaining productivity and profitability, it is also increasingly important to focus on safety equipment that ensures operation of the plant and detects sparks and embers as early as possible. Furthermore, legislative measures such as OSHA in North America and ATEX in Europe have forced the industry – both equipment suppliers and processors – to reconsider and improve plant design.

In order to comply with legislation and to safeguard equipment, Cimbria has recently launched a new Infrared Spark Detection System - CIM-Safe. CIM-Safe has already been implemented as a new safety device on our dryers, mainly because the system features:

● Faster reaction compared to the CW-4 cable solution

● No adjustment required, i.e. the system is always engaged regardless of the product being processed.

● Easy installation with high-sensitivityinfrared sensors

The CIM-Safe system has been reviewed by the Danish Agri-Business insurance company and is recommended as the only solution that qualifies for a premium reduction – just as the CW-4 also did.

Due to the compact and sturdy design of the die-cast aluminum sensor housing with infrared detection sensor well protected behind scratch resistant sapphire glass, the CIM-Safe system offers increased protection on a wide range of equipment within the agro-industrial sector:

● Bucket Elevators

● Belt Conveyors

● Chain Conveyors

● Transfer Points / Intake systems

● Aspiration Systems

● Pneumatic Systems

● Milling Equipment

CIM-Safe is easily incorporated on a.m. equipment and connected to a remote control panel that activates an acoustic alarm and flashing warning light upon detection. For added protection, a second alarm is activated upon extended detection. This second alarm can be user-adjusted and is used for automated process shutdown.

CIM-Safe can be further equipped with an Automatic High Pressure Water Extinguishing System to provide an effective water barrier for extinguishing sparks when installed in a confined space.

In short, in all areas where a potential risk of explosion exists, CIM-Safe can be considered as a measure to minimize costly damage to equipment and – perhaps even more importantly – consequential losses due to production stop.

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