Nov 10, 2022

Man jailed for vehicular assault at Ohio grain elevator

Grain elevator employee received life-threatening injuries after he was struck

A grain elevator employee received life-threatening injuries after another man struck him with a car at the Cairo Grain Elevator entrance.

On October 29 at 6:09 p.m. Allen County Deputies were dispatched to the Cairo Grain Elevator in Ohio.

The Allen County Sheriff's office reported Derek D. Tussing, 31, of Delphos, Ohio, had tried to pull a woman out of her car.

Derek D. Tussing, 31

When he was not successful, he got into a nearby vehicle with the keys in the ignition. Then, at a high rate of speed, Tussing drove the vehicle directly into the grain elevator entrance, striking grain elevator employee Richard Stemen.

Stemen was life flighted to a Columbus hospital for life-threatening injuries.

Tussing tried to flee from deputies but was taken into custody then transported to receive medical care for injuries sustained as well as intoxication.

At the time of the arrest, drug use was believed to be a factor, and the assault appears to have been purposeful.

Tussing was taken into custody at the Allen County Jail on charges of aggravated vehicular assault, theft of a motor vehicle and an unrelated warrant.

The investigation is ongoing.

Feed & Grain Staff

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