Photo courtesy of Garden City Co-op, Inc.

Nov 17, 2022

Garden City Co-op to build shuttle loader facility

Facility near Holcomb, Kansas, will bring additional marketing opportunities for grain customers.

The Garden City Co-op (GCC) has completed all necessary steps to commence construction of its planned new shuttle loader facility northwest of Holcomb, Kansas.

This transloading facility, known as the River Valley terminal, will have track access on the BNSF rail line will allow for an efficient loop track to be built and create opportunities for future industry development that will not only benefit GCC and its member farmers but the entire region as well, said the company.

Flexible, automated facility

The 1.1-million-bushel grain facility is designed to be highly flexible and automated, allowing for a safe working environment for employees, maximizing grain quality, and exporting and importing grain out of and into the area as conditions demand.

The grain facility will be constructed by Buresh Building Systems, Inc. of Hampton, Iowa. Ameritrack Rail will construct the rail loop. Civil engineering services are being provided by VAA, LLC. Garden City-based Wehkamp Excavating, Inc. will complete the civil preparation work for the project. Land O Lakes Inc.’s Strategic Asset Management has provided the construction consultation throughout the project.

“We believe with the grain production and demand growth in the market, this facility allows GCC to access additional market opportunities within its own supply chain logistics," said Jeff Boyd, CEO of Garden City Co-op. "This follows our mission statement by creating additional value and proactively adapt to our farmer members ever evolving needs.

"This facility allows us to leverage our investment in our grain origination and merchandising teams to reach more markets for our members’ grain.”

GCC’s board of directors approved the project after securing financing with its Colorado-based lender CoBank. This project is slated to begin construction within the month and anticipating on being fully operational by early 2024.

Fast facts

The facility will be a slip-form six-pack concrete elevator with 1.1 million bushels of storage capacity.

  • Two truck-receiving lanes
  • Capable of loading trains at 80,000 bushels/hour
  • Will receive 70 trucks/day
  • Capable of unloading trains when import economic conditions are allowed
  • Dust collection system will meet all Clean Air Permit requirements

Feed & Grain Staff

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