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UCELO shows off grain flow simulation technology at GEAPS Exchange

Pioneering in 3D facility scanning and equipment modeling allows UCELO to target grain flow issues in conveying systems.

At the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange , UCELO Company's Willian Antonio Urbanski, engineering manager , showcased their advanced simulation technologies in bulk handling. Founded in 2007 and expanding into Latin America by 2010, UCELO has become a significant player in the bulk handling industry, with growing presence in Europe and Asia.

The company's approach involves 3D scanning of facilities to create equipment models, allowing detailed analysis and optimization of material flow. Urbanski presented a case study on improving bucket elevators, where simulations identified issues like product return rates and uneven conveyor belt distribution. Solutions included design changes in buckets and equipment modifications, leading to increased efficiency.

Their technology has enabled the development of unique buckets, reducing grain damage and enhancing stability, especially for delicate products.

UCELO's advances also include optimizing conveyor system transition points, reducing dust emission and improving load distribution. 

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