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SONICAIRE addresses critical housekeeping challenges

At the 2024 GEAPS Exchange, Jordan Newton explained SONICAIRE's approach to industrial housekeeping amid labor shortages and heightened safety needs.

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At the recent Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) Exchange, Jordan Newton, Chief Operating Officer at SONICAIRE, presented an innovative solution to a pressing problem in industrial facilities: effective housekeeping in the face of labor shortages and increased safety demands.

Newton, with a background in forensic engineering and fire and explosion investigations, highlighted the difficulties facilities face in maintaining cleanliness and safety, especially regarding fugitive dust management. Fugitive dust, often overlooked, can lead to hazardous conditions, including explosions.

The challenge intensifies in the current job market, where finding dedicated housekeeping staff for industrial environments is increasingly difficult. Newton referenced the ongoing labor shortage, terming it "the great resignation," and pointed out the inherent risks in neglecting housekeeping due to workforce limitations.

SONICAIRE, responding to these challenges, offers an alternative to traditional, labor-intensive housekeeping methods. Their solution focuses on using specialized fans for continuous dust control. These fans, designed to operate in various industrial settings, prevent dust accumulation in hard-to-reach areas, thereby reducing the risk of dust-related hazards significantly.

Newton provided a detailed explanation of how SONICAIRE's system works. The fans disrupt thermal air currents, which carry dust to elevated spaces, and utilize the principle of agglomeration, where dust particles clump together and fall to the ground, making them easier to clean. This process not only improves safety but also enhances air quality in the facilities.

The system's design allows it to be customized according to specific facility needs. SONICAIRE offers a range of services from equipment provision to complete turnkey solutions, including installation and commissioning. Their approach is validated by NFPA standards, which have recently acknowledged the use of fans for continuous dust control.

Highlighting SONICAIRE's confidence in their solution, Newton stated that the company offers a compliance guarantee. If a facility equipped with their system receives a fine for dust-related non-compliance, SONICAIRE will either pay the fine or refund the cost of the equipment.

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