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Cibus and Loveland Products partner to develop rice traits

Partnership to develop herbicide-tolerant rice traits, aiming to transform weed management in Southern US rice fields.

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Cibus, Inc., a prominent agricultural technology firm, has announced a collaboration with Loveland Products Inc., a subsidiary of Nutrien Ltd., to develop and commercialize new rice traits in the United States. This partnership primarily focuses on enhancing herbicide tolerance in rice, particularly targeting the southern US market where innovative weed control solutions are in high demand.

The agreement between Cibus and Loveland Products will integrate Cibus’s Non-GMO plant traits into Loveland’s superior rice seed genetics. This initiative aligns with Loveland Products' commitment to introducing innovative agricultural solutions. Rob Dunlop, Vice President of North America seed at Nutrien, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, highlighting its potential to address critical weed management challenges faced by US rice growers.

Norm Sissons, Senior Vice President Commercial at Cibus, shared the excitement, emphasizing the significant advancements made by Cibus in trait development using their proprietary Trait MachineTM. This technology has shown promising results in adding traits like herbicide tolerance to rice, offering new management options to rice growers. The collaboration is expected to expedite the introduction of these new traits into elite rice genetics, potentially transforming the approach to rice cultivation in the US.

This partnership marks a significant step in agricultural innovation, aiming to provide US rice growers with more effective tools to manage weeds, thereby enhancing productivity and sustainability in rice farming.

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