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SafeGrain unveils new precision technologies

The latest innovations in fan automation, multi-functional sensor cables and advanced radar technology are setting new benchmarks in precision and efficiency.

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SafeGrain, a pioneer in grain monitoring technology, has announced the launch of an innovative suite of products aimed at enhancing precision and efficiency in the agricultural sector. The new lineup introduces a range of advanced solutions for grain storage and management.

Key features of the product launch include:

  • Fan automation technology: This new system automates the ventilation process, ensuring optimal storage conditions for various commodities, thus improving storage efficiency.
  • All-in-one sensor cables: These state-of-the-art cables simultaneously monitor temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels. This integration offers comprehensive data for improved inventory management.
  • Digital temperature sensor cables: Adding to its sensor range, SafeGrain's digital temperature sensors provide unparalleled accuracy in monitoring, setting new industry standards for grain storage precision.
  • Dashboard manager and smart app: These tools allow operators to access data on-demand, enabling real-time decision-making for more accurate inventory control.
  • RadarMax plus: An advanced radar technology designed for both agricultural and industrial use. With a measuring range of up to 180 feet and precision accuracy, it caters to the needs of large storage and processing facilities, handling multiple commodities.

SafeGrain continues to lead in agricultural innovation, focusing on delivering sophisticated and efficient solutions for the industry. The introduction of this new suite of products underscores the company's commitment to excellence and its role in enhancing grain storage management.

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