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United Soybean Board introduces soy-based chainsaw oil

In a collaborative effort, U.S. soybean farmers, DEWALT®, and Dynamic Green Products introduce a sustainable soy-based chainsaw oil.

Chain Saw In Tree
Hans | Pixabay

In an innovative move by U.S. soybean farmers, a new soy-based chainsaw oil has hit the market. This sustainable solution, DEWALT®'s soy-based Bar & Chain Biodegradable Oil, is a result of a soy checkoff research and development investment, a collaborative effort between U.S. soybean farmers, DEWALT®, and Dynamic Green Products (DGP). The product is now available at Home Depot stores nationwide and on various online platforms, including Bomgaars, Mac Tools, Grainger, and Amazon.

Steve Reinhard, Chair of the United Soybean Board (USB) and a soybean farmer from Ohio, expressed excitement over the widespread availability of this eco-friendly product. This initiative reflects U.S. Soy's commitment to delivering performance and sustainability benefits.

The project is part of a strategic collaboration with the Airable Research Lab, a division of the Ohio Soybean Council focused on bringing sustainable soy solutions to market in 2024. Bret Davis, a fifth-generation farmer from Delaware County, Ohio, voiced his enthusiasm as an early adopter of the oil, emphasizing the importance of using products derived from crops grown by farmers.

The soy-based oil has earned acclaim from professionals for its high performance and sustainability. Buckin’ Billy Ray Smith, a logger and tree faller with 30 years of experience, featured on the History Channel’s “Ax Men” series and YouTube, shared his positive experience with the product. Smith found the soy-based oil clean, easy to work with, and environmentally friendly, especially in sensitive areas.

Smith, who has tested almost every bar and chain oil on the market, now exclusively uses the soy-based oil for its sustainable qualities and worker safety benefits. He appreciates its impact on the environment, his health, and the legacy it leaves behind.

The DEWALT® soy-based Bar & Chain Biodegradable Oil can be found at Home Depot using the product numbers DXCC1200 (16oz), DXCC1201 (32oz), and DXCC1202 (1gal).

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