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ASA announces conservation legacy award winners

Recognizing excellence in sustainable farming, the ASA celebrates four producers.

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American Soybean Association

The American Soybean Association (ASA) has announced the regional winners of the 2024 Conservation Legacy Award, a prestigious accolade that honors soybean farmers for their exceptional environmental stewardship and commitment to sustainable agriculture.

The winners, who will be recognized at the ASA Awards Celebration during Commodity Classic on March 1, 2024, are:

  • Brad and Joyce Doyle from Weiner, Arkansas, representing the Southern Region.
  • Jacob Kaderly from Monticello, Wisconsin, for the Upper Midwest Region.
  • Donald Morse from Birch Run, Michigan, in the Northeast Region.
  • Chris Von Holten from Walnut, Illinois, representing the Midwest Region.

One of these regional winners will also be named the national winner at the event.

The Conservation Legacy Award program, sponsored by the ASA along with BASF, Bayer, Nutrien, the United Soybean Board/Soy Checkoff, and Valent USA, aims to showcase the sustainable practices of U.S. soybean farmers. A national selection committee of farmers, conservationists, and other professionals assessed nominees based on their environmental and economic practices and contributions to the conservation community.

Each of the winners has a unique story:

  • Brad and Joyce Doyle focus on water management and reservoir construction in Arkansas, enhancing sustainability for future generations.
  • Jacob Kaderly implements no-till and cover crop strategies in Wisconsin, improving soil health and reducing erosion.
  • Donald Morse in Michigan practices conservation tillage, striving to enhance soil quality and sustainability.
  • Chris Von Holten, influenced by soil erosion and drought experiences in Illinois, prioritizes soil preservation through no-till farming and cover crops.

These farmers exemplify the commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable agriculture practices in the soybean farming community. Their efforts not only enhance their own operations but also serve as models for other farmers striving to balance productivity with conservation.

For more details about the winners and their farming practices, the February issue of Farm Journal will feature a special insert, and additional resources are available online, including videos and articles on each farmer’s operation.

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