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U.S. Grains Council announces staff changes

Evelyn Li, Mark Ingebretson, Rebecca Williams, Ana Ballesteros, Diana Correa and Angelica Rios join the team while Alejandra Castillo departs.

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The U.S. Grains Council (USGC)has started 2024 with a series of staff changes and additions to its team. These changes reflect the organization's commitment to expanding its global reach and promoting sustainable practices within the grain industry.

Evelyn Li: Administration and compliance coordinator in Beijing

The USGC's Beijing office welcomes Evelyn Li as its new administration and compliance coordinator. With a wealth of experience in various international workplaces, Li is poised to support the Council's missions and programs in China. Her role will involve overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring smooth coordination between the Beijing office and other Council members and staff.

Li's background includes working as an administrative assistant for a leading global law firm in China and holding positions in the travel services and conference services industries. Her diverse experience and master's degree in international marketing make her a valuable asset to the USGC's team in Beijing.

Mark Ingebretson: SAF global policy consultant

To meet the growing demand for low-carbon aviation fuel, the USGC has appointed Mark Ingebretson as its SAF global policy consultant. Ingebretson's expertise in refined fuels, international business development, and stakeholder engagement will play a pivotal role in developing strategic plans for sustainable aviation fuel policies.

As the Council advocates for corn ethanol-based SAF as a decarbonization tool in the aviation sector, Ingebretson's knowledge and experience will help promote environmentally friendly policy changes. His background in chemical engineering and business administration equips him to navigate the complexities of the industry and pave the way for the adoption of U.S.-sourced SAF products worldwide.

Rebecca Williams: manager of industry relations

Rebecca Williams joins the Council as its new manager of industry relations. With experience in operations management and international trade, Williams will serve as a crucial link between the Council, its members, and state checkoff partners. Her role will involve coordinating and facilitating communication to ensure seamless collaboration and support for the Council's programs.

Williams' previous experience in customer service and public speaking, coupled with her bachelor's degree in international studies and psychology, make her an excellent fit for the industry relations team. Her presence is expected to have a positive impact on the Council's annual meetings and overall programs.

Ana Ballesteros: Deputy Director for Europe and the Middle East

Ana Ballesteros, formerly the marketing director for the Latin America region, has been promoted to the position of deputy director for Europe and the Middle East. With her proven track record in developing and executing marketing programs, Ballesteros is well-equipped to lead the Council's initiatives in this dynamic region.

Ballesteros' expertise will be instrumental in planning, coordinating, and executing the Council's programs, including marketing, trade servicing, and government relations. By leveraging her experience and leadership skills, the USGC aims to strengthen its presence in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Diana Correa and Angelica Rios:  consultants for Latin America Team

With Ana Ballesteros transitioning to her new role, the USGC has brought on Diana Correa and Angelica Rios as consultants to focus on the Latin America region's feed grains portfolio. These additions to the team will further enhance the Council's ability to serve its members and support the region's grain industry.

Diana Correa, based in Medellín, Colombia, joins the Council with extensive market research experience. Her role as a marketing specialist will involve strategic planning, coordination, and implementation of customer servicing and technical programs.

Angelica Rios, based in Bogota, Colombia, brings a wealth of experience in the grain supply chain to her position as a marketing specialist. Throughout her career, she has worked closely with distiller's dried grains with solubles (DDGS), corn gluten meal (CGM), and corn gluten feed pellets (CGFP). Her expertise in negotiating and pricing products will contribute to the Council's efforts to optimize cost improvements and streamline the supply chain.

Alejandra Castillo: Leaves for North American Export Grain Association 

Alejandra Castillo, the former Director of Global Programs at USGC, has been appointed as the president and CEO of the North American Export Grain Association (NAEGA). Castillo's experience and leadership within the Council, particularly in South Asia, have prepared her well for this new role.

During her time at USGC, Castillo played a significant role in developing and executing marketing programs in Latin America, Singapore, and India. Her expertise in legal compliance and her instrumental role in opening the Council's New Delhi office have left a lasting impact on the organization.

As Castillo takes the helm at NAEGA, the USGC looks forward to continuing its partnership with her. Her forward-looking and strategic leadership qualities will undoubtedly guide NAEGA's mission to advocate for and support international grain trade.

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