Industry Associations Needed Now More Than Ever

Relationships built through in-person interaction cannot be replicated in a virtual environment

Photo: GEAPS Exchange
Photo: GEAPS Exchange

Now, more than ever, associations are vital to our industry.

Technological advances and social media platforms will never replace the value of coming together for a common cause.

Associations drive professionalism

Working in the grain industry isn’t just a job for our members. Within the GEAPS member network, you’ll find individuals who have chosen this industry as the place to make their careers. Like all good associations, GEAPS connects people who are part of something bigger than themselves. Our members value each other. The expertise every person brings — even competitors — is valued because everyone in the grain industry knows they are part of a larger mission to feed the world. GEAPS members are true professionals and great representatives of our industry.

Associations drive profits for companies

Associations work to provide training and networking opportunities for their members. Members will, in turn, use the knowledge they gain and the people they meet to advance their careers. At GEAPS, we are an association that prides itself on not just delivering value to our members but to their employers. Our members take that further and use their knowledge and network to deliver better business outcomes for their companies.

We are all in this together.

When GEAPS members encounter a problem, they are a call or two away from finding someone with the solution. Today, more than ever, timely solutions mean money. Whether it’s understanding how to save a commodity when a flood hits an area of the country that had never experienced one or acquiring a replacement part through the network in two days when the supply chain originally estimated two weeks – having employees with quality networks equates to money for companies.

Associations drive personal growth

Associations provide members opportunities to grow personally and develop skills that may otherwise be unavailable in their company. In an increasingly virtual and remote world, associations bring people together in real life. In-person interactions are becoming fewer and further between many GEAPS members who work in small, rural companies or even large companies that have moved virtual. Chapter meetings, training sessions and conferences/expos provide members unique ways to interact with others.

Associations also serve as a proving ground for potential leaders. GEAPS members who have volunteered to be local or international leaders have noted how much those experiences have helped them personally and professionally.

Over the past year, GEAPS has used these reasons — and more — to grow our network by more than 20%.

We invite everyone in the grain, feed and processing industries to join us as we all work to feed the world. For more information, visit

Author: Steve Records, GEAPS Executive Director
Steve is GEAPS’ chief staff officer and serves as staff liaison to the GEAPS International Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Steve joined the GEAPS staff team in 2019.

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