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SAI Platform gives USGC Protocol gold-level status

U.S. Grains Council's Corn Sustainability Protocol sets the bar for sustainable farming.

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In a significant milestone for sustainability in U.S. agriculture, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recently announced that its Corn Sustainability Assurance Protocol (CSAP) Version 1.1 has attained Gold Level Equivalence against the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform's (SAI Platform) Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) 3.0. This recognition represents the highest possible equivalence level, underscoring the commitment of U.S. corn producers to sustainable farming practices.

A farmer-led initiative

The CSAP is a farmer-led initiative that shines a spotlight on the robust institutional sustainability foundations that underpin American agriculture. It also showcases the traditional and innovative techniques that U.S. corn producers incorporate into their daily practices to ensure sustainability.

The latest version of CSAP, Version 1.1, incorporates new language and further enhances the assurances of sustainability across various impact categories assessed in the benchmarking process. This signifies an ongoing commitment to continuously improving the sustainability of U.S. corn production.

Recognition of strong foundations

Ryan LeGrand, President, and CEO of the USGC, emphasized the strong sustainability foundations of U.S. corn production. He noted that these foundations include incentives for producers to implement conservation practices and strict, enforceable regulations that protect and preserve natural resources. LeGrand expressed pride in the CSAP for capturing the full scope of these assurances and achieving gold-level equivalency against SAI Platform's Farm Sustainability Assessment.

The significance of SAI platform's FSA

SAI Platform's Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) is a globally recognized framework and toolset designed to promote continuous improvement in on-farm sustainability practices. FSA 3.0 empowers farmers and the broader agricultural value chain to demonstrate sustainability while identifying opportunities for ongoing enhancement, aligning with FSA's objectives. To date, more than 100 programs worldwide have been benchmarked against the FSA.

Supporting agricultural business members

This benchmark achievement holds substantial implications for Council agricultural business members and their clients who rely on the CSAP and the Sustainable Corn Exports (SCE) web platform. These platforms enable the creation of sustainability records for U.S. corn and other corn-related exports, fulfilling the requests of international trading partners and end-users.

Joe Iveson, FSA manager, commended the USGC on its commitment to promoting sustainability among U.S. corn growers and achieving the highest level of equivalence against the FSA. He emphasized that this accomplishment underscores the organization's ambition in fostering a more sustainable and responsible future for farming.

For those interested in learning more about the CSAP and the SCE platform, additional information is available through the USGC's resources.

The recognition of the CSAP at the Gold Level Equivalence against the FSA 3.0 not only reflects the dedication of U.S. corn producers but also reaffirms the commitment to sustainable practices in American agriculture, setting a noteworthy example for the industry's future.

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