Oct 13, 2021

Northern Country Coop Joins Truterra Network

Growers working with co-op in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota will now have access to Insights Engine tool

source: Truterra

Northern Country Coop has joined the Truterra™ network, the only farmer-owned and farmer-driven food and ag sustainability program in the U.S., launched by Land O’Lakes Inc. in 2016.

Being part of the Truterra network will allow Northern Country Coop to offer local grower customers a powerful suite of tools to help them optimize sustainability and profitability.

Through Truterra, growers are also better positioned to access opportunities to be rewarded for stewardship, including carbon and emerging ecosystem services markets.

Growers working with Northern Country Coop will now have access to the Truterra™ Insights Engine, a best-in-class sustainability tool that allows growers to generate a stewardship baseline for every field and then predict and measure the impact of implementing specific conservation practices on both the environment and their profitability.

Northern Country Coop will work with interested growers to document their current practices and then unlock insights about their fields to evaluate and implement conservation practices to better achieve agronomic and economic goals. With Truterra, farmers retain ownership of their data at all times.

“We at Northern Country Coop are very excited to be partnering with Truterra to bring opportunity to our patrons in the carbon markets and sustainable practices,” says Nathan Augustine Agronomy Manager.

"Northern Country Coop expands Truterra's footprint in Minnesota and Iowa providing farmers in these states the tools and technology needed to improve their soil health and participate in ecosystem markets like carbon and water quality," said Mariah Murphy, Truterra Field Team Leader. “We’re proud to work with ag retailers like Northern Country Coop that support farmers with their on-farm sustainability goals.”

Using the Truterra™ Insights Engine will also help growers determine if they qualify for opportunities to earn money by improving their stewardship.

In February 2021, Truterra launched its carbon credit program, a transformational new carbon program that will help farmers generate and sell carbon credits to private sector buyers. For the first offer, participating farmers will receive $20 per ton of carbon with payments this fall for this first tranche of credits.

Qualifying farmers will be compensated for carbon sequestration retroactively up to five years based on the soil health practices they adopted in prior growing seasons.

Participating in future offers requires data and getting started with the Truterra™ Insights Engine is a great way for growers to be ready to take advantage of new revenue streams as they emerge.

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About Northern Country Coop
Northern Country Cooperative (NCC) is a full-service cooperative serving farmers since 1908 with the mission to provide quality products and services for a successful future with our patrons. NCC’s primary business is buying and selling grain, grain storage and drying, sales and services of seed, fertilizer and chemicals, custom application, feed manufacturing, and lumber sales. NCC has 12 locations serving Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota.

About Truterra, LLC
Truterra is a leading sustainability solutions provider, advancing and connecting sustainability efforts throughout the food system at scale – from farmers to ag retailers to value chain collaborators including food and fiber companies.

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