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Mar 28, 2022

Bearing Selection, Grease Compatibility Keys to Avoiding Failure

Dodge territory manager gives bearing optimization advice for grain elevators

source: Elise Schafer

Brad Droegmiller, senior territory manager, Dodge Bearings & Power Transmission, Division of RBC, gave a presentation on why bearings fail in grain facilities at GEAPS Exchange 2022 in Kansas City, MO.

Selecting the right bearing for the application is key, Droegmiller said. Improper selection can lead to vibration and cause bearing failure over time. Proper installation is of equal importance to optimize bearing performance.

Sealing systems, Droegmiller said, should be evaluated on water resistance and solid containment. Moisture within the bearing can cause corrosion, so a tight seal is critical.

Bearing grease compatibility is another factor Droegmiller said to pay attention to. Bearings come from Dodge's factory equipped with about a third of the grease required. Customers must fill the bearing to the required level with grease that's compatible to the factory specifications.

"Everyone has their favorite grease based on price or availability or brand loyalty, but if it's not compatible there can be a chemicals reaction with the grease that's in the bearing from the factory."

Elise Schafer

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