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New Grain Products Showcased at IDEA Exchange

From smart magnets to safety robots to wearable safety tech, automation and technology are the trends

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MPI Intell I Mag PLC 49 ferrous metal saturation level

The GEAPS Idea Exchange took place Sunday, March 27, in Kansas City.

There was an exciting amount of new products featured during this year's event and Feed & Grain will be highlighting them in its online Buyer’s Guide and future print issues.

Here’s a sample of some of the products presented at Idea Exchange 2022.

MPI Intell-I-Mag: The first magnet with smart technology that talks to you

Arnco The DumoPro: Ambient air dust monitor for industrial environments

The Greenbrier Co. Tsunami Gate and Tsunami Automated Hatch Cover: Specifically made for grain, this gate allows for customized discharge speed control to fit shipping needs

Grain Weevil Safety Robot: Keeps employees out of bins by leveling, breaking crusts, doing inspections and feeding grain into the extraction augers

Feed Yard Industrial Solutions FlakeBoss: Collection of equipment and automation applications designed to provide a steam flaked grain

Pneumat Systems HopperBot: Unload sticky dry bulk materials like DDGs and meals from railcars

MākuSafe Wearable Tech Solution: Designed to improve worker health, safety, and productivity while reducing incidents and mitigating workplace hazards and risk exposures

AGI SureTrack Lidar Device: Automated grain bin and monitoring and conditioning system

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