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WSMB collaborates on firefighting foam made from soybeans

SoyFoam TF 1122 is an environmentally safe firefighting foam, marking a new era in sustainable fire safety solutions.

Soy Foam Fire Fighting Demonstration
Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board

The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) participated in a significant event in Dalton, Georgia, alongside a group of soybean farmers, firefighters, and industry leaders from across the U.S. This gathering marked a milestone in a checkoff-funded initiative to create an environmentally friendly firefighting foam from soybeans.

Developed by Cross Plains Solutions, SoyFoam TF 1122™ is a breakthrough smothering agent designed to extinguish Class A and Class B fires. Notably, it is free from intentionally added PFAS chemicals and contains no detectable fluorines (less than 1 parts per million).

WSMB President Pat Mullooly expressed enthusiasm about the project, recognizing the foam as a prime example of innovative use of soybeans. The soybean checkoff funds played a crucial role in bringing this project to fruition.

During the visit, WSMB representatives, including Mullooly and Executive Director Adam Kask, toured the SoyFoam TF 1122™ manufacturing site. They also witnessed a demonstration at a local fire department training station, observing the foam's effectiveness in various scenarios.

Alan Snipes, managing partner with Cross Plains Solutions, shared that the journey from concept to near-commercialization spanned 18 months. SoyFoam TF 1122™ has achieved recognition as the first and only firefighting foam to attain the gold level through GreenScreen Certified for Safer Chemicals, verifying its environmental advantages.

The foam's eco-friendly credentials include being PFAS-free, having no detectable fluorines, being certified readily biodegradable, and 84 percent biobased. Initially utilizing U.S. soy flour due to its protein content and availability, further research is exploring the use of soybean meal as an alternative protein source.

The WSMB has funded a project to experiment with soybean meal for the foam concentrate, with testing and training to be conducted in Wisconsin. Cross Plains Solutions has partnered with the Chippewa Valley Technical College – Fire Safety Center in Eau Claire for this endeavor.

This collaboration between Cross Plains Solutions, Chippewa Valley Technical College, and WSMB aims to develop and certify soybean meal for use in the foam. The initiative represents a significant step in creating demand for soybeans while positively impacting fire responders and communities.

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