Sep 30, 2019

The Results Are In

Feed & Grain continues to seek input on readers' needs

In order to better serve your evolving information needs, Feed & Grain recently commissioned a large-scale reader survey that was sent out via mail and email (thank you to those who filled it out!). The results came in with a mix of surprise findings, and some not so surprising.

Demographically, our readership is predominantly male (84%), Midwestern (66%) and aged 55 to 64 (39%). The study also revealed that 53% of our readers prefer to get information from printed materials vs. 41% who prefer to get it from websites, and a mere 2% opt to get their news via social media. Perhaps surprisingly, 15% of our respondents said they never use social media — although 27% were on the other end of the spectrum, admitting they engage with social media several times daily.

Many of you shared that your biggest challenges at work revolve around hiring, employee retention, marketing and training — feedback I often hear when I’m in the field.

We also asked about your company’s views on sending employees to industry trade shows. An overwhelming 68% said their employers encourage them to attend events. Furthermore, the top factors that influence their decision to attend a show are 1. Location 2. Time of year 3. Travel distance 4. Networking with peers.

These responses confirm my hunch that Feed & Grain LIVE 2020 will be a fantastic event that meets our target audience’s needs. LIVE is held at a first-class venue — Prairie Meadows Hotel & Casino — with fabulous dining on site, live entertainment and stylish, affordable rooms.

LIVE is scheduled for Feb. 5-7 with the rigorous harvest season in your rear-view mirror and planting season still miles down the road. And Prairie Meadows is located just outside Des Moines, IA — an easy drive (even in the winter) from key grain-growing states.

If networking is your driving force behind attending events, then look no further than LIVE. Year after year, attendees rate our receptions and casual trade show floor as some of the best networking opportunities they’ve encountered.

The education topics covered at LIVE will reflect the challenges cited above as well as the leading topics of interest according to our survey, like safety, regulatory compliance, the economy and grain quality.

For more information about the speakers, agenda, accommodations or to register for LIVE, visit Survey says: You won’t want to miss it! ■

Elise Schafer

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