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How Grain Buyers Manage Cash Grain Workflows

Better understand current industry practices, uncover opportunities in free whitepaper

White paper

Barchart, a provider of commodity data and workflow solutions, has released a free whitepaper summarizing an extensive survey of leading agribusinesses and grain buyers on how they manage the workflows surrounding physical grain.

Readers of the free 10-page whitepaper will better understand current industry practices, and uncover opportunities to use the latest in data and technology to make smarter decisions in today's constantly evolving agriculture industry.

All of the data and information in the whitepaper comes directly from Barchart's 2019 Grain Workflow Survey - which includes participant feedback from the nation's leading grain buyers.

"Our whitepaper outlines the technologies that have changed the agricultural industry and how having access to the right tools can provide firms with what they need to make faster and more intelligent decisions," says Barchart's Head of Strategy Keith Petersen. "Awareness of the tools available, and how competitors are using them, is the first step to developing a data-forward mindset - and the solutions outlined in our whitepaper can help navigate an increasingly complex industry."

Specific user types that can benefit from the whitepaper include grain elevator managers, grain merchandisers, traders, and market advisory service firms who are faced with the challenge of adapting their workflows to keep up with an ever-changing Ag industry.

With this whitepaper, they will learn how to build data-forward cultures, invest in their people, and provide employees with the right tools for the job โ€“ scaling their operations now and into the future.

To download the whitepaper, please click here. To learn more about the solutions available from cmdty, please visit the website.

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