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US winter wheat production sees increase in 2024 forecast

Hard Red Winter wheat is expected to rise by 17%, while Soft Red Winter sees a significant drop of 23%.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) has released its forecast for the 2024 winter wheat production, projecting a total of 1.28 billion bushels, which marks a 2 percent increase from 2023. The nationwide yield for winter wheat is expected to average 50.7 bushels per acre, slightly up from the 50.6 bushels per acre recorded last year.

The area anticipated to be harvested for grain or seed is estimated at 25.2 million acres, showing a 2 percent rise from the previous year. Among the types of winter wheat, Hard Red Winter wheat production is expected to see a significant increase of 17 percent from last year, totaling 705 million bushels. Conversely, Soft Red Winter wheat production is forecasted to drop by 23 percent to 344 million bushels.

White Winter wheat production is expected to rise by 16 percent, reaching 229 million bushels. This category includes 17.3 million bushels of Hard White and 211 million bushels of Soft White wheat.

These figures reflect the shifting dynamics in wheat production across the U.S., with notable variations among different types of wheat. The overall increase in production is a positive sign for the agriculture sector, although the substantial decline in Soft Red Winter production highlights regional challenges and market fluctuations.

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