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Grain Elevator Educates Students on Industry

Nebraska's Frenchman Valley Co-op sponsored Ag Day presentation to K-4 students

Johnson Publications photo
Johnson Publications photo

According to a report at the Imperial Republican, National Ag Week is celebrated nationwide to help promote the agricultural industry and to deliver messages about the importance of agriculture in our everyday lives, said Leann Weiss, customer service director at Frenchman Valley Coop (FVC) in Imperial, NE.

Ag Week is celebrated March 18-24, with National Ag Day set aside on Tuesday.

FVC put together a team from the company to sponsor an Ag Day presentation to K-4 students at Chase County Tuesday.

“Many students take farmers for granted, not realizing what the byproducts of crops can produce. It’s important to educate youth that agriculture impacts our daily lives everyday in more ways than just food,” Weiss explained.

Children see grain elevators all the time, but how many know exactly what an elevator is for, she asked.

“We at FVC want to help the students understand the importance of agriculture and how farmers help feed the world,” said Weiss.

“It’s important to explain that corn is not just for food. It is used in toothpaste, cosmetics, vitamin C tablets, candy and many more products. Corn and soybeans are both used to make crayons. Clothing is made from cotton, and the list goes on,” she said.

Weiss said FVC felt National Ag Day was a perfect time to give students more insight into how agriculture is important to them personally and to the world around them.

Along with the information, two large pieces of equipment were brought to the school for students to view up close and ask questions. A dry fertilizer applicator, also known as a floater, and a liquid chemical/fertilizer applicator called a row crop machine provided excitement for many of the students.

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