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GEAPS announces new global mission

With its executive director leaving at the end of March, the Grain Elevator and Processing Society targets a larger focus.

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GEAPS Kansas City sign Feb 2023

During the opening session of the 2023 GEAPS Exchange on February 26, Barbara Grove, CGOM, quality systems manager at Central Valley Ag Cooperative and board chair for GEAPS, acknowledged the resignation of the association’s executive director and revealed a new global mission.

On February 7, GEAPS announced Steve Records, who has served as GEAPS‘ executive director since August 2019 and as CEO of GEAPS Media Group since last year, had announced his resignation effective March 31.

GEAPS has achieved much during Records’ tenure in big and seemingly small ways. From navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, forced cancellation of GEAPS Exchange in Minneapolis to launching a new website, enhancing communication channels and offering new ways GEAPS members and industry partners to promote themselves, GEAPS has evolved to meet the growing and changing needs of the grain industry.

“We would like to thank Steve for looking beyond the status quo and imagining the potential of where GEAPS could go,” said Grove. “He guided us to be a more engaged board of directors to better lead for our members.”

New global-focused mission

While the GEAPS board of directors is working on a transition plan, both for the interim period and for the long term for its executive director, Grove announced a new global mission for the association.

“We've gotten great things coming in our future. Our success comes in part due to all of you here,” Grove said during the opening session on Sunday.

“GEAPS is built on relationships,” she continued. “We all play a part in the success of the future of this organization. GEAPS is led by our board of directors, which is a group of industry professionals who volunteer their time. Sometimes it's blood, sweat and tears and pushing ourselves to our limits, but we've accomplished a lot over these years.”

Grove said this year, the board of directors focused on the questions, “what is GEAPS?” and “who do we want to be for the future?”

The association has worked on a new vision and the new mission for GEAPS, said Grove.

  • New vision: GEAPS will be the global community and thought leader for the grain industry, which feeds and fuels the world.
  • New mission: Champion, connect and serve the global grain industry and our members.

“Our focus is looking at what can we do for the entire agriculture community, not just right here in the U.S.,” said Grove. “With the new mission and vision as guidepost, GEAPS will continue to evolve and embrace news challenges and opportunities.”

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