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King Milling unveils $47 million flour mill expansion

The project, which boosts daily flour production to over 2.5 million pounds, received support through tax abatement and a state grant.

King Milling Flour Mill
King Milling Co.

King Milling Co., marked a significant milestone with the completion of a $47 million expansion at its Lowell headquarters. This modernization project introduces one of the country's most advanced flour mills to West Michigan.

Celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, the expansion includes a new six-floor monolithic concrete mill capable of producing 800,000 pounds of flour daily. With this addition, King Milling’s total output exceeds 2.5 million pounds per day across its four mills. The expanded facility comprises wheat storage, tempering bins, cleaning and sifting equipment, and finished flour bins.

The expansion, lauded for bolstering Michigan's agriculture, received a 12-year, 50% tax abatement from the City of Lowell and a $250,000 grant from the Michigan Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development. Timothy Boring, director of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, highlighted the project's contribution to regional wheat growers and local supply chains.

Constructed with materials and machinery from Michigan companies, the project involved over 342,000 work hours by skilled tradespeople from Michigan and beyond. The workers' presence also stimulated the local economy through various expenditures.

The new mill, designed for energy efficiency, features LED lighting, premium-efficient motors, and a heat recovery system, exemplifying King Milling’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Jim Doyle, King Milling President, emphasized the mill's role in supporting Michigan farmers and the animal sector. The expansion signifies a renewed commitment to local agriculture and community prosperity.

King Milling, a family-owned business in its fourth and fifth generations, has evolved from using a stone-grinding process in its early days to fully automating operations. Its product range includes various types of wheat and flours, catering to bakers and food processors.

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow and U.S. Representative John Moolenaar lauded King Milling’s continued role in Michigan’s agricultural landscape and local economy. The expansion assures King Milling's presence as a key player in the community and the state’s agricultural sector for generations to come.

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