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Columbia Grain International launches seed and agronomy program

This program responds to the growing need for expert agronomic guidance and high-quality seeds.

Young Soybeans In Field

As the 2024 growing season progresses, Columbia Grain International (CGI) has introduced a groundbreaking Seed and Agronomy Program to meet farmers' increasing demand for high-quality seeds and agronomic expertise. This new program aims to support growers with an end-to-end solution encompassing expert agronomy forecasts, high-quality seeds, and continuous guidance throughout the entire harvest cycle.

The Seed and Agronomy Program is designed to help farmers and buyers achieve better growth and increased yields. CGI offers certified and conditioned seeds tailored to specific growing conditions, along with certified crop advisor services. These services include extensive field research, regular soil and crop health reviews, problem-solving, and identifying market opportunities.

"Our new Seed and Agronomy Program makes growing better for everybody. Importantly, it gives farmers high-quality, certified, and conditioned seeds hand-selected for their growing conditions, and guidance throughout the entire growing cycle," said Madison Fritz, a Montana-based Seed Agronomist and Certified Crop Advisor for CGI.

Ms. Fritz added, "The program also provides buyers with confidence, transparency, and crop data throughout the year. Dedicating this kind of support to all of our stakeholders benefits not only our producer and buyer partners but the industry as a whole."

Columbia Grain's Seed and Agronomy Program aims to build long-term partnerships through dedicated counsel and a bidirectional information stream. The program will continue to evolve as CGI forms more producer partnerships and hires additional seed and agronomy experts. This innovative approach is set to strengthen crop health and improve financial outcomes for all involved.

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