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Scoular offering enhanced contract options and flexibility

Latitude Marketing Services will provide producers with a customizable set of tools to diversify their marketing strategies.

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In a move to empower producers with more choices and flexibility in marketing their grain, Scoular has launched Latitude Marketing Services (LMS). The initiative aims to offer producers a customizable set of tools to diversify their marketing strategies and enhance risk management.

Melissa Norem, Scoular’s Director of Producer Strategy, emphasized the significance of flexibility in addressing the dynamic challenges and opportunities within the grain market. "Latitude Marketing Services promotes the flexibility that is essential to producers in successfully managing the challenges and opportunities in the grain market," said Norem. "With this new program, Scoular offers a customizable approach to help producers make profitable decisions."

The Latitude Marketing Services program introduces several key benefits for producers:

  • Expanded contract options: LMS broadens Scoular's contract offerings by incorporating options and over-the-counter products. This expansion allows producers to tailor their contracts according to their specific needs and market conditions.
  • Diversification of pricing strategies: The program provides producers with a range of pricing strategies, enabling them to diversify their approach and optimize their revenue potential in varying market scenarios.
  • Year-round involvement: Producers are actively engaged in the marketing plan throughout the year, fostering a collaborative approach between Scoular and its clients. This continuous involvement ensures that strategies can be adjusted in response to market changes.
  • Enhanced risk mitigation: Latitude Marketing Services is designed to provide producers with greater peace of mind by offering multiple avenues for mitigating risks. This comprehensive risk management approach is crucial for navigating the uncertainties inherent in the grain market.

The program is accessible through Scoular's extensive local facility network, ensuring that producers can seamlessly integrate Latitude Marketing Services into their operations. Producers interested in exploring the benefits of this innovative program are encouraged to contact their local Scoular representative for more information.

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