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NSM unveils tool highlighting benefits of northern-grown soybeans

Simulations reveal a $4.30 per metric ton feed cost reduction and a $16.84 higher true value for NSM soymeal compared to South American products.

Rrl Soybean Field With Farm Background

Northern Soy Marketing (NSM) has joined forces with animal nutritionists Lesley Nernberg of Lighthouse Agri-Solutions and Matthew Clark from FeedGuys Resources to develop a feed formulation tool that highlights the nutritional value and financial advantage of northern-grown soybeans. This tool aims to educate soybean purchasers and end users about the enhanced quality profile and benefits of northern soybeans in animal and aqua feeding programs.

In recent feed formula simulations comparing soybean meal from South America (Brazil) and northern U.S. states (NSM), it was demonstrated that utilizing soybean meal from NSM member states could lead to an overall feed cost reduction of $4.30 per metric ton (MT). Nernberg emphasized the formulation advantage made possible by the superior amino acid and energy profile of NSM soybean meal, showcasing the potential cost savings and nutritional benefits.

The shadow pricing, or "true value," of NSM soymeal was found to be $16.84 higher than that of South American-derived soybean meal products. Additionally, the review of nutrient content in the feed formulations indicated that the crude protein of broiler starters can be reduced while still maintaining the required amino acids for optimal broiler growth, providing various advantages to broiler production systems and highlighting the effective value of NSM soybeans.

The financial advantage of Northern USA Soybean Meal in an example broiler starter diet was evident, with NSM showcasing a profit of $4.30 and an advantage of $16.84 over South American soybean meal. This underscores the commitment of NSM and its member states – North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin – to redefine soy quality and promote the reliability and consistency of northern-grown soybeans and soymeal. By collaborating with respected researchers and animal nutritionists, NSM is providing a more accurate picture of soybean feeding quality through its recent formulation tool, which confirms NSM’s claims and can be utilized by international purchasers to make informed buying decisions.

Looking ahead, Nernberg mentioned that more simulations and feed formulations will be examined to provide current and up-to-date pricing and economic details to soybean crushers and soybean meal buyers. These formulation tools will be used as value-added information to illustrate the value of NSM soy products to key end users in Southeast Asia and globally.

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