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Regrow Ag partners with Bartlett on soybean sustainability

Partnership's goal is to optimize soybean production and reduce emissions.

Soybean Harvest Combine Truck Loading
CJ | Pixabay

Regrow Ag has teamed up with Bartlett, a Savage Company, to enhance sustainability efforts in soybean production. The partnership will utilize Regrow's platform for a detailed analysis of Scope 3 emissions, facilitating the creation of effective carbon reduction strategies and monitoring environmental outcomes at the farm level.

This collaboration becomes particularly pivotal as Bartlett gears up to open its new soybean crush plant in Montgomery County, Kansas, later this year. The facility, already receiving soybeans, is set to process approximately 49 million bushels of soybeans annually. Leveraging Regrow’s advanced technology, Bartlett aims to develop sustainability initiatives for soy oil and meal co-products, ensuring compliance with the evolving sustainability standards for biofuels and insetting programs.

Regrow’s platform, known for its industry-leading science and technology, will assist Bartlett in identifying the current adoption of regenerative practices and pinpointing counties with the most significant potential for emission reduction. This approach will enable Bartlett to design targeted programs to encourage more sustainable farming practices.

Vaughn Duitsman, Director of Sustainability at Bartlett, emphasized the partnership's role in enhancing the agricultural supply chains and gaining deeper insights into the progress of their sustainability initiatives. Dr. Bill Salas, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder of Regrow, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, aligning with Bartlett’s commitment to sustainable agriculture and the commercialization of regenerative growing practices.

The collaboration is expected to be instrumental in Bartlett's plant operations, scheduled to commence in the third quarter of 2024, marking a significant step towards environmentally conscious soybean production.

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