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Sep 27, 2021

Novozymes Launches BioAg Solutions

Company adds biosolutions, sets up sales team to serve U.S. customers

source: Novozymes North America Inc.

Novozymes is launching five powerful biological solutions that address key challenges for North American growers and setting up a new sales team to directly serve U.S. customers.

The innovative products will enable farmers to improve yield and fertility, and increase the application of biocontrol, while the expanding product portfolio brings new options for the agricultural industry in dealing with issues of nutritional availability and efficiency.

“We have harnessed the power of nature’s problem solvers – living soil microbes – to address the biggest challenges facing North American farmers through the power of biology,” says Darrell Wolkowski, Novozymes BioAg’s Regional Commercial Lead for the Northern U.S. and Canada.

“Our expanding portfolio brings farmers new options in dealing with issues of nutritional availability and efficiency, nodulation and nitrogen fixation, stress tolerance, and broad-spectrum fungal control, through unique modes of action and novel combinations of biological actives.”

Five new biological solutions in the U.S.

The new Novozymes products available in the U.S. include BioniQ, an inoculant for row crops that combines three biological actives that together help promote stronger roots, greater nutrient availability, and better yield.

TagTeam BioniQ Pro and TagTeam BioniQ Chickpea, for pulse and chickpea crops, are inoculants that combine four active biologicals for improved stress tolerance, nutritional availability and efficiency, and enhanced yield.

Optimize FXC for soybeans improves upon Optimize XC by using fortified LCO resulting in higher yields and better nitrogen fixation, accessibility to soil nutrients, and water absorption.

Finally, Taegro 2 for fruit and vegetable crops is a broad spectrum, foliar fungicide, which provides protection against a wide range of soilborne and foliar pathogens.

"Having already seen the benefits of our new BioniQ technology with Canadian growers over the last season, where in pulse crops farmers have achieved an average yield increase of 3.4 bushels per acre in peas with a 77% win rate and an average yield increase in lentils of 1.1 bushels per acre with a 80% win rate, I am excited that we are able to bring the same to our U.S. customers,” says Wolkowski.

New sales team to deliver industry-leading service

Novozymes has also established a new go-to-market strategy for the U.S. and now sells directly to distributors here.

“We have expanded our team in the U.S., and we aim to deliver products and services that lead the industry. With warehousing points located strategically around the country, our goal is to achieve a three-day turnaround on orders,” says Jason Ward, Novozymes’ North American Commercial Operations Lead for BioAg.

“We are in pursuit of great customer service, and we will excel at talking to and working with customers to be the most reliable supplier in the industry. Our service is the foundation for our business.”

Novozymes maintains production facilities for the agriculture industry in Salem, VA, Milwaukee, WI, and Saskatoon, Canada.

Having North American manufacturing sites helps mitigate global supply chain challenges experienced by synthetic chemistries. The quick turn-around of Novozymes microbial fermentation production affords supply chain advantages for the company.

“Looking to the future, our U.S. customers can expect continued bioinnovation delivered with exceptional service by our dedicated, experienced, and hard-working team,” finishes Ward.

Novozymes’ new products catering to the U.S.

BioniQ is a family of inoculants that enhance N, P, and K availability, increase P efficiency, and drives your crop toward maximum yield potential. The products in the BioniQ family work on corn, sorghum, canola, all cereals crops, mustard, barley, and pulse crops.

  • BioniQ – a wettable powder inoculant combines three biological actives joining forces for stronger roots, greater nutrient availability and better yield for crops.
  • TagTeam BioniQ Pro and TagTeam BioniQ Chickpea are inoculants that combine four active biologicals for improved stress tolerance, nutritional availability and efficiency and enhanced yield in pulse crops.

Optimize is a family of liquid inoculants for next generation biofertility that feature Optimize actives, and Novozymes powerful fortified LCO promoter technology to enhance nodulation and improve mycorrhizal association for healthier, higher yielding soybean crops.

  • Optimize FXC liquid inoculant combines Bradyrhizobia and fortified LCO promoter technology to increase nitrogen fixation, accessibility to soil nutrients and water absorption in soybean plants. This low-volume seed treatment is highly compatible with on-seed chemistries.
  • Optimize FXC DS, launching in the fall of 2023, will feature a two-season shelf life as well as a second strain of Bradyrhizobia for enhanced nutritional availability and efficiency, especially powerful for soybean growers in stress prone growing regions.

Taegro 2 is an OMRI-certified, broad-spectrum, foliar fungicide for fruit and vegetable crops that controls against powdery mildew and botrytis, among others, to maximize marketable yields. Formulated with a naturally occurring bacteria, Taegro 2 brings multiple novel modes of action in a low volume application, with a 0 day preharvest interval, and no resistance. This pollinator-safe, IPM ready fungicide provides protection against a wide range of soilborne and foliar pathogens.

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