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Employee Experience is Essential to a Company’s Competitiveness

Employee experience matters to its recruitment and retention efforts

A feed and grain company’s adoption of today’s top workplace expectations is an important part of its employee experience. This was one of Sara Kepley’s main points during yesterday’s education seminar on employee recruitment and retention at the 2018 Grain Elevator and Processing Society Exchange in Denver, CO.

Drawing on her immense human resource knowledge, Sara Kepley, chief executive officer of ProValue LLC, shared current workforce statistics, workplace expectations and everything that a good employee experience involves. She explained that the current unemployment rate for full-time employment is 3.9% and the economy will fully recover from the latest recession by 2020.

Today’s job candidates are very different than those employers saw in the past. With the increasing number of Millennials and Generation Z in the workforce, current workplace expectations include companies being searchable on the internet and them having an easy and mobile-friendly way to apply for open positions. Companies also need to be transparent in their hiring process and there is now consumerism in the job market – job candidates want to be treated as customers when applying for jobs.

She explained that the basis of employee experience has become how technology contributes and detracts employee productivity, but true employee experience is the observations and feelings that a company provokes. Employee experience is more than employee engagement, company culture, physical workspaces and trainings even though they all contribute to a good employee experience.

Kepley emphasized that understanding and proactively building a company’s employee experience is key because it helps recruit and retain motivated employees and contributes to the company’s overall success. She concluded by explaining tools that companies can use to evaluate their employee experience and make it better. She said understanding a company’s brand and improving it’s onboarding process, trainings and development and other perks help improve the overall employee experience. Further, companies should strive for a brand so powerful that it evokes a positive feeling, an onboarding process that reinforces cultural norms and behaviors employees should be accountable for and a workspace where employees are comfortable.

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