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Russians Invading U.S. Wheat Markets

Country is rapidly upgrading its research and transportation networks

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The Russians are coming and they are rapidly upgrading their research and transportation networks, says Don Brunell, retired president of the Association of Washington Business, in an opinion piece at The Columbian. To compete, our country must continue our research, upgrading our infrastructure and not estrange our long-time customers, he says.

Russia is now the world’s top wheat producer. While they are increasing the number of acres planted, U.S. farmers are losing money and sowing fewer fields.

Today, large Russian investments, a weak ruble against our strong dollar, falling grain prices, high equipment costs, and the uncertainty of tariffs on U.S. agriculture products resulting from new trade negotiations, are hurting American farmers, says Brunell. It is particularly harmful for our farmers attempting to sell more wheat to China.

Today agriculture products (largely wheat) account for 40% of Russia’s revenues. The burning question is how will our farmers compete?

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