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Soybean Producers Worry China's Demand Won't Return

World's largest soybean market has turned to other countries

Soybean harvest

Since the trade war put a stop to U.S. soybean sales to China last year, farmers have been optimistic that things will go back to normal eventually. But now they are getting more worried, reports the Star Tribune.

After closing off purchases from U.S. farmers, China quickly turned to countries like Brazil to fill some of its needs.

Now, American producers fear the Chinese will grow so satisfied with alternatives that the country will continue to use substitutes for their soybeans down the road. They cite evidence of rising consumption of canola meal and sunflower seed meal in China.

"Even if the tariffs were lifted tomorrow, it will take time to work through the stocks of soybeans on American farms currently and then plan for a new crop of soybeans that will be planted in the not-too-distant future," John Griffith, who leads CHS's global grain business, told the Star Tribune.

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