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BoMill Takes Steps to Commercialize Sorting Technology

Collaboration partner is multi-billion dollar company with strong market position in grain products

Bo Mill Tri Q VIA BOMILL SEPT 2021

BoMill and a market-leading global player in the food industry take the next step to deepen the cooperation in the ongoing development project.

The results, so far, have met both parties’ expectations, including meeting the time schedule. The next phase in the project will be to intensify the development work, on a larger scale, with a mutual ambition to commercialize BoMill’s technology, in the already identified market segments.

Globally, finding new sustainable practices for the agricultural and food business is necessary to adapt to the emerging climate changes.

In 2020, BoMill entered a development agreement with a global player in the food industry, based in the U.S. The collaboration partner is a multi-billion dollar company with a strong market position in grain products.

The aim of the development project is to evaluate how BoMill’s technology can be used in the partner's production to achieve more efficient practices and support the value chain. After promising results, the development project will be taken to the next phase, moving into a larger production scale.

TriQ in short
TriQ is BoMill's proprietary, high precision, grain quality sorting technology with a capacity fully compatible with the needs of industrial grain handling. The performance of TriQ is based on so-called near-infrared analysis in transmittance mode (NIR/T), which makes it possible to identify each kernel in a batch of grains based on its internal properties and sort them into fractions, with a capacity of 3 tons per hour (corresponding to 25,000 kernels per second). The equipment can also be installed as a cluster solution, i.e. as several interconnected devices.

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