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Arva Flour Mills Finds New Owner

New owner wants to expand to make gluten-free flour, add distillery or winery

Arva Flour Mill Logo 2

The Arva Flour Mill, Arva, ON, has been sold to a London businessman who vows to continue operating the business, as well as expanding to make gluten-free flour, and possibly add a distillery or winery, reports CBC.

When the water-powered flour mill went up for sale earlier this summer, there was interest from developers in Toronto, Vancouver and China. Rinker's vision is to keep the mill operating, while adding some new twists.

"I want the mill to stay open, I want the 200-year history to continue. It's Canada's sixth-oldest business, which floors me," Rinker told CBC News.

"I'm going to take the responsibility to steward the land 100%, keep it operating the way it's always been operating. I want to preserve the legacy of the business and the property."

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