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ADM recognized as 'diversity leader'

ADM placed 15th overall and 2nd in the food and beverages sector for the 2023 study.


ADM was named a Diversity Leader in this year’s Financial Times ranking of 850 European companies on diversity and inclusion.

ADM placed 15th overall and 2nd in the food and beverages sector for the 2023 study.

“At ADM, we know that having an inclusive culture allows us to cultivate innovation, which is integral to our success, and we’re proud that we’ve developed a culture that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in all roles and at all levels of the organization,” said Jennifer Weber, chief people and diversity officer at ADM.

“We are delighted that our efforts have been recognized with this award, and see it as a testament to our values, and the continuing commitment of our colleagues to create a workplace and culture where all colleagues globally feel they belong.”

The Financial Times partners with Statista for this annual ranking. The list is compiled based on research assessing more than 100,000 employees’ perceptions of companies’ success in promoting diversity across the European continent, and only companies with a written policy on diversity and inclusion, or a public commitment to diversity, were considered for the list. The survey was conducted using online access panels, consisting of representative samples of the workforce in 16 countries.

ADM’s commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I)

At ADM, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion starts from the leadership team. One of the ADM leadership’s expected behaviors is to “create the environment for diversity, equity and inclusion to strengthen us.” This is part of colleagues’ goals, and the company provides annual training on DE&I to all employees.

ADM has signed a pledge to reach senior leadership gender parity by 2030, and 25% senior leadership gender parity by 2025.

A key focus for ADM has been to implement strategies to strengthen efforts to accelerate development and hiring for the levels below senior executives. The company carefully monitors and reports progress quarterly to continuously support employees across the business.

ADM hosts a Global Week of Understanding annually, which is the company’s main internal DE&I event, where colleagues engage in activities and discussions to help the company advance diversity, equity and inclusion, together.

Another significant highlight for ADM and the businesses commitment to diversity in the workplace is the annual global and regional Women’s Leadership Summits, bringing together hundreds of female colleagues in a two-day event to focus on personal and professional development.

ADM also sponsors a range of employee resource groups to directly engage colleagues in advocating for diversity, equity and inclusion issues across the company.

Through inclusive hiring initiatives, ADM established strategic partnerships with external agencies that are devoted to recruiting talented candidates from underrepresented groups, while using technology to foster diversity. With the Kenexa Diversity Tracker, ADM ensures diverse candidate slates and interview panels for all salaried open positions.

The company also adopted a software platform to mitigate unconscious human bias in the hiring process through the use of objective and validated assessments, focusing on job-specific competencies.

Find out more about ADM’s global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy here.

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