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Northside Elevator receives Distinguished Organization award

Wisconsin Agri-Business Association recognizes the company's growing impact in the local community and across the state.

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Photo courtesy of Northside Elevator, Inc.
Photo courtesy of Northside Elevator, Inc.

The Wisconsin Agri-Business Association (WABA) has recognized Northside Elevator, Loyal, Wiscsonsin, with its annual Distinguished Organization Award.

Northside Elevator has been serving Wisconsin’s agriculture industry for 75 years with growing impact in the local community and across the state.

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Bryan Mergen, Northside Elevator, and Tom Bressner, WABA

In September, 2022, Northside Elevator hosted WABA’s Legislative Agribusiness Tour that invites state, county, and local elected officials to learn more about what agribusiness companies do, not only for their customers, but for their communities as well.

Northside Elevator is an active member of WABA, sending staff members to numerous events and programs including: Leadership Programs, Grain Grading Schools and Grain Traders Workshops.

Likewise, since its inception, Northside Elevator has been the largest contributor to WABA’s Feed Management Consulting Program, which has been instrumental in Northside Elevator becoming a certified Safe Feed Safe Food production facility.

“The Wisconsin Agri-Business Association board of directors recognizes one member organization annually with the Distinguished Organization Award," said Tom Bressner, WABA executive director. "The award is in recognition of exceptional participation in and representation of WABA’s mission to grow the prosperity of Wisconsin’s agribusinesses through advocacy, education, and engagement.”

Ted Brussow, president of Northside Elevator, said the company is honored to be recognized by WABA, an organization that shares our respect and dedication to serving the needs of farmers, agribusiness and the future of agriculture.

Northside Elevator building $20M fertilizer plant

It was recently announced in October that Northside has started construction of a $20 million fertilizer plant in Stanley, Wisconsin.

Construction of the facility is expected to be completed by March 2023.

Northside Elevator already has a feed mill and fertilizer operation in Loyal with 110 employees. The new operation is anticipated to create eight to 10 full-time jobs plus perhaps four part-time seasonal jobs.

Company acquires Buck Country Grain in Arcadia

Last summer, Northside announced it had acquired Buck Country Grain, LLC’s Arcadia, Wisconsin, facility. The company retained all full-time staff in Arcadia.

Northside Elevator Inc. is a 75-year-old family-owned agricultural business that offers a full line of services for the agriculture industry. This includes the manufacturing of animal feed, onsite dairy nutritional consulting, commodity contracting, grain storage, grain marketing, and agronomy services.

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