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Northern Soy Marketing delegation promotes global demand for soybeans

The delegation will engage with purchasers, nutritionists, and industry players to foster relationships, explore export opportunities and enhance the profitability of soybean producers.

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Northern Soy Marketing (NSM), a farmer-led board representing the soybean checkoff boards of Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, is embarking on a mission to Southeast Asia to enhance the global demand for soybeans grown in the northern region. The delegation, consisting of farmers and industry experts, will visit Vietnam and Cambodia from January 6th to January 19th, 2024.

The goal of NSM is to promote the viability of soybeans and soymeal as a valuable option for international markets. With this in mind, NSM Chair Patrick O'Leary, a farmer from Benson, Minnesota, emphasizes the importance of face-to-face interactions to convey this message effectively. By meeting with international purchasers and strengthening relationships through one-on-one conversations, the delegation aims to foster rapport and explore opportunities for growth.

Exploring Southeast Asian markets

Vietnam, the world's sixth-largest pork producer and fourth-largest aquaculture producer, ranks as the 13th-largest soy consumer globally. Southeast Asia stands as the second-largest market for U.S. soy imports, making it a prime region for NSM's outreach efforts. The delegation will commence their meetings in Hanoi, followed by visits to Ho Chi Minh City and Cambodia.

During their visit, the delegation will engage with key stakeholders in the feed mill industry, including executives, nutritionists, and purchasers. Notable visits will include Dabaco, which focuses on animal feed, poultry breeding, and food processing, and Vinh Hoan/Feed One, specializing in frozen fish production. To amplify NSM's messaging, seminars featuring presentations will be conducted in both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with representatives from the feed mill industry and local media in attendance.

Eugene Goering, a Nebraska farmer and NSM board member, highlights the significance of building relationships and promoting soymeal exports, especially with Nebraska's plans to expand crush capacities in the coming years. This Southeast Asia mission provides an opportunity to reinforce existing partnerships and explore new collaborations.

Collaboration with WISHH in Cambodia

As part of the delegation's activities in Southeast Asia, a subset will travel to Cambodia to visit feed mills and conduct a seminar in collaboration with the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH). This joint effort aims to further promote the benefits and utilization of soy products for human health and nutrition.

Patrick O'Leary underscores that all of NSM's endeavors are geared towards their mission of increasing the profitability of soybean producers in the United States. Overseas missions like this play an integral role in achieving this objective by identifying new markets, establishing relationships, and expanding the global demand for soybeans.

The Northern Soy Marketing delegation's visit to Vietnam and Cambodia signifies a concerted effort to grow the global demand for soybeans grown in the northern region of the United States. Through face-to-face interactions with international purchasers, nutritionists, and industry players, the delegation aims to strengthen relationships, promote soymeal exports, and explore opportunities for collaboration. By advancing the profitability of soybean producers, NSM contributes to the overall success and sustainability of the soybean industry.

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