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GEAPS Offers COVID-19 Tips

Some advice and suggestions to implement at your grain facilities


By now, everyone is experiencing some level of social distancing efforts. With the agriculture industry being exempt from most of these efforts in the United States, many elevators and similar facilities are operating with a ‘business as usual’ perspective.

Here are some suggestions from GEAPS to consider implementing within your facilities.

Practice social distancing on-site

  • Limit numbers of people located in one area at any one time. This might mean staggering lunch and coffee breaks, or having different designated locations for breaks.
  • Have employees keep a reasonable distance apart if possible. Six feet is a common standard.
  • If farmers or other people are coming onsite, stay inside vehicles or meet in open areas if at all possible.

COVID-19 sanitation basics

  • Have employees wash their hands before and after breaks. If washing facilities are not available, be sure to provide hand sanitizer.

  • Clean break and common meeting areas each day. Use cleaning products that will kill and disinfect germs.

  • Clean utilities that might be shared by employees on a daily basis. These can include fridges, microwaves and coffee makers. This approach can also be applied to equipment that is shared or touched by multiple employees throughout the day, including: mobile radios, computers for customer tickets, grain grading equipment, timeclock areas and door knobs.

  • For employees that are driving, have hand sanitizer available in every vehicle.

While these efforts cannot guarantee COVID-19 will not impact your employees, they are steps to limit its impact.

Check with your HR department regarding policies on what to do if any employee reports signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Taking precautions now should help ensure you have a healthy and motivated workforce when spring planting season fully starts.

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