Nov 28, 2022

Feed & Grain’s Top 20 Products of 2022

What new equipment and services caught your eye in 2022?

The equipment and services you use every day are vital to your grain processing and feed milling facilities. Without quality tools, your crews won’t be productive or safe.

What products caught your attention in the past year? We surveyed our Online Buyer’s Guide, which has nearly 2,700 products and over 600 companies, to see which products were the most searched for and clicked on over the last 12 months.

These Top Products for 2022 represent some of the latest offerings in new technology to keep your facilities running safely and efficiently.

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In no certain order, we present this year's Top Products for 2022 ...

Rembe EXKOP System

Now available for more applications such as ST 2 dusts, reduced explosion pressures of up to two bar, and larger diameters, Rembe’s EXKOP System features upgraded controllers for flexibility. Isolation system consists of control panel, triggering devices and one or more quench valves.

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Brock Mid-Roof Walkarounds

These permanently installed walkways improve access for equipment repair and maintenance and allow 360º access to grain bin roofs and mounted components.

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GSI EVO 50 Grain Bins

The GSI EVO 50 grain bins feature an optimized bolt pattern, interlaced laminated sheets, hardware with corrosion protection and water-tight seal and double-length sheets on 90-foot-plus diameters.

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BoMill Insight

Designed to sort grain lots, kernel by kernel, at industrial speed, BoMill’s Insight sorts up to 15 metric tons/hour, which is equivalent to about 125,000 kernels analyzed per second.

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Pneumat HopperBot

Designed to be installed in most loadout facilities, Pneumat’s HopperBot intelligent railcar unloader robotic arm can unload sticky dry bulk materials like DDGs and meals from railcars.

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Sterling Systems Auger Feeders

Sterling Systems auger-type screw feeders features industrial-grade bearings, seals to create a buffer zone and shock-absorbing couplings.

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Brock Grain Drive T1000

Brock’s Grain Drive T1000 is available in three model sizes with capacities from 4,000 to 10,000 bushels/hour. Inclines are supported up to 45° with inlets and discharge transitions available in 0°, 30° and 45° increments.

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Walinga Ultra-Veyor with Smart-Flo

Walinga’s Ultra-Veyor features the Smart-Flo variable frequency drive system with various sensors to monitor flow rate in real time. Unit moves bulk by air, maximizing accessibility for any drying, storage or production facility.

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Romer Labs AgraStrip Pro WATEX

Designed for rapid, on-site quantification of mycotoxins, including total aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol, total fumonisin and zearalenone, this system can be used for various agricultural commodities.

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Hamlet HP Fiber Boost

Hamlet’s HP Fiber Boost contains functional fibers produced specifically for dietetic use in piglets to stimulate the gut and ease transition at weaning.

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SenseTech ContraPest

The SenseTech sustainable, non-lethal liquid bait targets rodents by population, not by individuals, by reducing individual rodents’ fertility quickly.

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Flexicon Access Platforms

Flexicon’s anti-slip access platforms help personnel reach elevated process equipment safely. The modular system includes braced frames which can be bolted to floor, stairways with elevations up to 96 inches and bolted upper grab rails and mid-height rails.

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StoneX StoneHedge

This web-based merchandising system allows commercial grain customers to originate grain more efficiently. StoneHedge streamlines and automates the process of creating and managing offers and corresponding hedge orders.

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Vicam VertuTOUCH

This lateral flow strip test reader works in concert with Vertu strip tests and offers full-range quantitative results for up to six major mycotoxin in 10 minutes with simple touchscreen operation.

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Andritz Combi-zone Dryer

The Combi-zone dryer offers gentle uniform drying of each pellet. Unit offers adjustable retention time and high-energy efficiency at low cost/ton.

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BASF Opteinics

The BASF Opteinics LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) digital solution offers dynamic environmental footprinting of feed and animal protein. System helps Identify opportunities for improvement, without compromising cost and nutrition.

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DICKEY-john GAC 2700-UGM

The GAC 2700-UGM is equipped with NTEP calibrations for all grain types, unit is designed with a color touch screen, easy-to-use operating system and ergonomically designed sample drawer.

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Tinsley Robot Palletizer

Tinsley’s Robot Palletizer picks up and uniformly stacks filled bags on either side of conveyor. Unit can palletize up to 12 to 24 bags/minute.

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4B IE-Node

4B’s Industrial Ethernet Node offers remote monitoring interface and provides sensor data to PLCs or other automation and control system.

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Sudenga Infinifeed Loop

The Infinifeed Loop offers capacities up to 1,800 bushels/hour. With a modular design, this continuous feed loop system features lengths up to 127 feet.

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Lisa Cleaver

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Recently Added to Buyer's Guide


  • Quantitative method to detect glyphosate in various sample types, such as cereal grains
  • Results in 15 minutes


  • Instant, on-site analysis of feeds and feed ingredients
  • Platform includes easy-to-use software

MaconFortress Permanent Storage Cover

  • 15-year fabric warranty
  • Withstands high speed winds

Hoop Building

  • Economical solution for permanent grain storage
  • Lower electric and labor costs than grain piles/bunkers

BBU Big Bag Unloader

  • Modular system can be equipped with vibrating motor, pneumatic under massagers and stretch system
  • Designed to discharge difficult products, such as fine powders, in tight spaces

CUB Railcar Mover

  • Designed to move single railcars or groups of cars
  • For small- to mid-size loading, unloading and repositioning applications


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