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Feed & Grain’s Top Products of 2023

Here are the new products and services that caught your attention in the past year.

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The equipment and services you use every day are vital to the success of your grain handling and processing and animal feed milling facilities. Without quality tools, your crews can’t be efficient or safe.

What products caught your attention in the past year? We surveyed our Online Buyer’s Guide, with over 2,300 products and 600 companies, to see which products were the most searched for and clicked on over the last 12 months. With an eye on new technology and products introduced in the past year, we curated this short list of top products to give you a taste of what users are looking at.

The Top Products for 2023 represent some of the latest offerings in new technology and equipment to keep your facilities running safely and efficiently.

For more product information, including videos and company contact information, visit our Online Buyer’s Guide at to view thousands of products designed for your feed and grain operation.

Walinga Evolution

Walinga’s Evolution feed trailer operates on electricity with no need for hydraulics. Trailer-mounted lithium-ion batteries drive electric motors that drive each auger. 

4B Encoder-FLEX 1024

4B’s Encoder-FLEX 2024 monitors slide-gate position, valve position, distributor position or speed of any rotating shaft such as elevators, conveyors, rotary airlocks, fans, hammermills and more. Unit memorizes shaft position in case of power loss.

GSI GrainVue

GSI’s GrainVue allows commercial grain facilities to monitor bins to protect the quality of stored grain. Digital cable technology check train temperature and moisture and automatically activates fans to prevent out-of-condition issues. 

IEP Technologies Atexon

The Atexon spark detection and extinguishing system protects and mitigates against fires and explosions. The system continually monitors for ignition sources within pneumatic process lines. 

Brock VECTOR Energy Miser Dryer  

Brock’s VECTOR Energy Miser mixed-flow unit features up to 2,900 bushels/hour drying capacity. The dryer is designed to mix two grain columns into one using a single unload. 

Barchart cmdtyView Hedge

Barchart’s cmdtyView Hedge end-to-end platform for commodity trading eliminates the need for multiple systems. The platform scales to any size facility or operation. 

BOMill Insight

BoMill’s InSight is designed to sort grain lots, kernel by kernel, at a speed up to 15 metric tons/hour, which is equivalent to about 125,000 kernels analyzed per second. 

Mathews Company M-C Trax

For select M-C dryers, the M-C Trax remote control can shut down or cool down dryers or change discharge modes of operation. User can change key setpoints, such as discharge speed, discharge moisture, mid-grain temperature and plenum temperature at any time during operation. 


The TAS LAAC grain cleaning system features high-density sieves and can be controlled from anywhere in the facility. The system is compatible with BĂĽhler Insights for trend analysis. 

OptiSystems Grain Quality Sensor

OPIsystems grain quality sensor can detect biological activity in grains at the earliest possible stage. The system can offer valuable insights and enable proactive measures to maintain grain quality. 

Arnold Multi-Position Gate Opener

This single-operator multi-position hopper gate opener features 85 to 140 feet/minute variable travel speed. Wireless remote control and camera monitoring are available. 

GrainX Command

GrainX offers an interactive artificial intelligence (AI) grain management platform that asks storage and environment questions then customizes aeration run-time strategies. 


The OPTIFY remote condition monitoring platform is designed to enhance operator safety, reduce unplanned down time and save costs. Users can make critical operational decisions using data from this cloud-based solution. 

Envirologix TotalHub

TotalHub data management collectively manages results from a single intuitive cloud-based portal. Quality managers, lab technicians and operators can view results trends immediately. 

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