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Cargill, VPF Group partner on feed, pork production in Thailand

Strategic partnership will allow Cargill to manufacture swine feed at the VPF Chiang Mai facility while VPF will focus on the rest of the pork value chain.

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Cargill and VPF Group, a producer and distributor of pork in Thailand have entered a strategic partnership that will allow Cargill to manufacture swine feed at the VPF Chiang Mai facility, leveraging its world-class technologies, feed production and quality control processes. Meanwhile, VPF will focus on the rest of the pork value chain to continue bringing nutritious and safe pork to discerning Thai consumers.

The shared objective of this collaboration is to drive sustainable production of nutritionally optimal and high-quality swine feed that meets stringent safety standards and enhances animal health and performance. This will help VPF improve its overall farm productivity and get access to high-quality feed which translates into high-quality safe pork for Thai consumption. At the same time, Cargill will be able to add production capacity to the company’s business in northern Thailand and cater to VPF’s requirements for high quality swine feed from this facility.

There is an annual surge in Thai pork consumption demand by 3.91%. This trend is particularly notable among consumers in the northern region, ranking second in pork consumption nationwide, following the northeastern region. This region constitutes of 18% of the total consumption, equivalent to more than 200 million kilograms of pork annually. The collaboration that VPF Group and Cargill have established today is built upon a mutual commitment to enhance the quality and safety of pork consumption for Thailand.

For more than 42 years, Cargill Thailand has maintained its position as a trusted player in animal feed production and distribution. Through this strategic partnership, Cargill brings its state-of-the-art animal feed production technology, aligned with the rigorous Cargill global standards to VPF Group. Rooted in nutritional science, Cargill develops feed composition tailored to address the specific nutritional requirements of pigs across different life stages to improve their overall health and performance. Cargill’s team of experts also provide operational guidance and manage quality control throughout the production process to deliver quality swine feed to VPF Group. Under stringent hygiene protocols, VPF Group then raises pigs, ensuring their full and safe growth, resulting in high-quality pork suitable for consumption.

Cargill Thailand’s strong commitment to pioneering innovative animal feed production processes that adhere to world-class standards underscores our industry leadership and our ability to leverage size, scale and experience to help customers maximize their productivity through tailored products and solutions,” said Akkarit Boontawee, country director of Cargill Animal Nutrition Business in Thailand. “This strategic approach not only fosters the growth but also bolsters immunity, health and vigor of the animals, while contributing to the healthy supply of pork which is the primary source of food energy for the local people in the context of continued economic challenges.”

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