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Microsoft partners with Indigo Ag to purchase carbon credits

These 40,000 soil-based carbon credits support regenerative agricultural practices.

Co2 Sustainability Blackboard

Indigo Ag has announced that Microsoft will purchase 40,000 agricultural soil-based carbon credits from its third carbon crop, issued in February. This transaction marks the largest number of credits Indigo Ag has ever delivered to a single buyer. The credits, verified according to the Soil Enrichment Protocol of the Climate Action Reserve, will contribute to Microsoft's goal of becoming carbon negative by 2030.

Microsoft's selection of Indigo Ag's carbon program highlights the increasing demand for scientifically validated soil carbon removals in corporate climate action portfolios. Indigo Ag's program, backed by peer-reviewed measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) capabilities, ensures the integrity and durability of its credits, while helping growers benefit financially from sustainable farming practices.

Indigo Ag's MRV technology extends beyond carbon credits, aiding companies in the agri-food sector to reduce their Scope 3 emissions and produce low carbon intensity crop feedstocks for biofuels. So far, Indigo’s Sustainability Solutions have reduced over 340,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions and saved more than 19 billion gallons of water.

Dean Banks, CEO of Indigo Ag, stated: “This is a major milestone for Indigo’s Carbon program and our expanding range of sustainability solutions. Microsoft is a leader in climate action and shares our commitment to resilient, sustainable agriculture.”

Brian Marrs, Senior Director of Energy and Carbon Removal at Microsoft, added: “Soil organic carbon restoration is crucial for food systems, economies, and climate change mitigation. We are pleased to work with Indigo Ag to promote regenerative agriculture and enhance the scientific evidence base for soil organic carbon.”

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