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ROSS Receives Additional UL and NFPA Certifications

Meeting the rigorous standard tests requirement

Ross Systems and Controls (SysCon) recently completed the qualification to self-certify its touchscreen purged panels as meeting the rigorous standards of Underwriters Laboratories’ UL-698A Code and the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA-496 Code. UL-698A covers industrial control panels designed for hazardous locations, including the use of intrinsically safe barriers. NFPA-496 standards relate to purged and pressurized enclosures. Purge systems are an alternative to traditional NEMA 7, 9 explosion proof enclosures and are suitable for most all hazardous locations, including:

  • Class I, Division I & II for gas and vapor environments
  • Class II, Division I & II for dust environments.

Purge panel enclosures can be NEMA 4 carbon steel or NEMA 4x stainless steel depending upon regulatory or aesthetic requirements.

A division of the Ross group of companies, Ross SysCon manufactures controls for Ross Mixers and Blenders as well as other types of equipment and processes. The recently acquired ability to self-certify enables Ross SysCon to offer UL and NFPA labels on explosion-proof panels at a lower price without the additional cost for a third-party inspection. The new certifications are in addition to UL-508A (non-hazardous control panels) which the Ross SysCon has maintained for more than a decade now.

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