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Didion Hosts Sustainability Event

Field to Market connects producers with food ingredient processors to create sustainable outcomes

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Recently, 15 family farms gathered to discuss the latest sustainability trends in agriculture at an event hosted by Didion, Cambria, WI.

Didion, along with many of the producers in attendance, has been participating in the “Field to Market” program for the past three years.

Field to Market is an initiative that connects producers with food ingredient processors who are looking to create sustainable outcomes for agriculture.

Through collaboration, Field to Market helps define, measure and promote the sustainability of food, fiber and fuel production.

This year, attendees recapped the previous growing season results. Producers also connected with food ingredient processors to learn how sustainability affects agriculture today and how it will in the future. Tools used in this program allow producers the opportunity to measure their data for tillage, planting, harvest, and logistics to see how their farming operation impacts the soil and sustainability of their practices both physically and financially.

Field to Market is a great opportunity for attendees to exchange best practices with crops received, industry trends, and new innovations being implemented in the process.

“Our producers are the best stewards of the land and Field to Market is a platform for them to share their story,” says Garry Gard, grain procurement manager. “Sustainability isn’t new to our producers because most of them are second or third generation farmers who treasure the past and look forward to the future.”

The program has more than doubled in farm participation and acres since its inception and will continue to grow as the word spreads.

Field to Market is open to all producers who partner with Didion. Contact Didion’s grain procurement team for more details.

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