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North Dakota House Revives Proposal to Move Grain Regulation

Regulation would move from PSC to Department of Ag

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The North Dakota House has revived a proposal to move regulation of the grain industry from the Public Service Commission to the state Department of Agriculture, reports AgWeek.

The House on Wednesday, April 10, voted 80-13 to pass Senate Bill 2346, which had been amended to mirror a bill earlier passed by the House, House Bill 1467.

House Bill 1467 would have moved regulation to the Ag Department; SB2346 would have broadened the indemnity fund used to pay back growers in the case of insolvency.

The recent case of Hunter Hanson, a roving grain buyer facing millions of dollars in claims against his businesses and several felony charges, has highlighted the stateโ€™s issues with grain trading regulation, leading to various proposals, including the idea that the Department of Agriculture would do a better job of keeping up with the grain industry.

Read the full update at AgWeek.

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